Happy Easter !

Happy Easter !

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5 Facebook Landing Page Template Examples Critiqued


Facebook Landing Page Example

Do you have a Facebook Page?

Okay, I know you do. It’s 2014, that question is pretty much a rhetorical one by now.

But are you driving traffic to a Facebook Landing Page? You should be!

This article will dive right into Facebook Landing Pages - critiquing five Facebook Landing Page examples to hell and back. I’ll tell you exactly what I like about these five pages (taken from some of the biggest brands on Facebook) and also what needs improvement.

So let’s get started!

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As facebook seems to be making it harder and harder for page reach, I don’t understand why everyone thinks you need to send your hard earned traffic to there website. People should be focusing on getting traffic from facebook to their website not the other way around. As difficult as facebook is making things these days, I really try to send them as little traffic as possible.

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25 Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Your Old Blog Content

25 Creative Ways to Reuse and Recycle Your Old Blog Content. Why waste all that hard work, and let those well thought out posts lay dying on the vine like ripe fruit forgotten at harvest. Reuse those posts and create new content out of them. Make infographics, pdf’s, images and more with all your old posts and put that hard work to good use. Work smart amigos !

The 5 Most Common Facebook Post Mistakes



Social media is like billiards (pool) : Everybody thinks they can do it. But the more you play, the more you realize the difference between a good player and a poor one.

In a recent article, I wrote about 8 Sure-Fire Facebook Post Formulas That Drive Engagement. In this post I’ll show you 5 formulas for creating terrible Facebook posts on your Facebook Page that you should avoid at all costs. These formulas will discuss topics, formats and common mistakes that I’ve seen on countless well-meaning Facebook Pages. Don’t worry - this won’t be another post about Amy’s Bakery Company.

A Facebook post can be bad for a number of reasons, but the problems mostly fall into just a few categories: Complexity, poor content and laziness.

In this article I’ll show you examples of the most common problems Facebook Page’s have with their posts and how they can be fixed.

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So I just updated to Linux Mint 16 Petra, and it rocks



NOTE: If you’ve ever been curious about Linux, you can try it out without installing it. Just download Linux Mint 16 Petra 32-bit Cinnamon edition and burn it to either a USB stick (recommended) or DVD, and you can run it from there. (In fact, some people carry around a USB stick with Linux loaded on it so they can use their own system wherever they go.)

So here’s what I just did, and my initial thoughts on it: Updated to Linux Mint 16 Petra 32-bit Cinnamon edition, and although I have to add the rest of my custom repositories and reinstall apps (because I was a goofball and didn’t use the simple tools provided that would have done all of that for me), so far I’m digging it.

As always, Mint is more user-friendly than Windows, OS X, or the stock version of Ubuntu (or indeed most other Linux distros), and as always, it just works, right out of the box. Installation is still simple and streamlines, and as always, you can work, surf the web, or whatever, while it’s installing, since the installation medium includes an entire working system, complete with firefox, LibreOffice, and so on.

And of course, after installation, those few Windows programs that I like keeping around, like Adobe Photoshop, still run just great, with the addition of Wine.

It feels snappier, and although I haven’t noticed any huge cosmetic changes, a bunch of seemingly small tweaks add up to very high levels of win, covered in awesome sauce. The way things like system setting and apps and so on are grouped makes more sense, and the software manager is definitely faster. I’d still like the option to install something from there without expanding its “about” screen first, but I can use Symantic (also included) when I just want to go through, mark a bunch of things, and tell it to go.

I generally add several additional repositories, but the default ones are nice and full of all the software that 90% of users will never need, especially after going into the software sources control panel and enabling getdeb.

So once I’m done tweaking here, it’ll be time to go update my girlfriend's MacBook. (She switched from OS X to Linux Mint 14 about a year ago, and hasn't looked back since.)

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Slicethepie ...

This is a pretty cool service that pays you to listen to music. Payouts are sent out via paypal. Great way to earn some extra cash while surfing the net.


Circuit Board Nails by Minx

(via circuitwitch)

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